Program Spain 2013

 “Mechanisms of cell death”

Conference location: Fuengirola, Malaga Spain

June 6-June9, 2013


Covadonga Alonso,Simon Fulda, Carlos Martinez-A, Richard Lockshin, and Zahra Zakeri

Registration opens at 9 AM-6PM

Thursday June 6th32:00pm – 8:30pm:

Welcome Introduction and awards:Scientific Sessions (Plenary room)

Chair: Zahra Zakeri, (USA) 

2:00-2:15 pm              Zahra Zakeri (U.S.A): Introduction and welcome:

2:15-2:30                    Raymond Birge (U.S.A): Presenting Pioneer Award to Sten Orrenius.

2:30-2:45                    Richard A. Lockshin (U.S.A): Presenting Award to Mauro Piacentini

2:45 -3:45                   Mauro Piacentini (Italy): Regulation of Autophagy in Mammals: Initiation, signalling of cell death

Chair: Covadonga Alonso (Spain):

4:00-4:30                    Michael Overholtzer (USA): Entosis and autophagy connectionsin death and survival

4:30-5:00                    Will Wood (UK): Detecting death: Signal prioritisation in Macrophages

5:00-5:15                    Abhishek Garg (Belgium): Autophagy induced by ROS in cancer cells, helps in evasion from immunogenic cell death

5:15-5:30                    Luisa De Martino (Italy): Inhibition of Akt in cytopathic bovine viral diarrhoea virus-infected epithelial bovine cells affects both intrinsic and extrinsic pathways of apoptosis.

5:30-6:00                    Coffee Break

Autophagy, Cancer and cell death I:Scientific Sessions (Plenary room)

Chair: Gian MariaFimia (Italy)

6:-00-6:30                   Eileen White (USA): Role of autophagy in lung cancer

6:30-7:00                    Antonio Zorzano (Spain): On the link between autophagy and apoptosis.

7:00-7:30                    Sharad Kumar (Australia): Cell DeathbyAutophagy:Lessons from Drosophila

7:30-7:45                    Jose Manuel Fuentes (Spain): Exacerbation of autophagy in LRRK2 mutant

7:45-8:00                    Hannelore Maes (Belgium): Unraveling the in vivo mechanism of action of the autophagy inhibitor chloroquine in anti-cancer therapy

8:00-8:30                    Patricia Boya (Spain): Autophagy: new roles during development and neurodegeneration

8.30-9:00                     Welcome Drinks (Terrace Beatriz)

9:00                             Dinner (Buffet Restaurant Doña Lola*)

Friday June 7th 9:00am –9:00 PM

Autophagy, Cancer and cell death II : Scientific Sessions (Plenary room)

Chair:  Simone Fulda (Germany)

9:00-9:30am               Maria Soengas (Spain): Development of a Lymphoreporter mouse for non-invasive imaging of antimetastatic agents in vivo

9:30-10:00am             Wei-Xing Zong (USA): Proteotoxicity in cancer cells

10:00-10:30am           Marie-Veronique Clement (Singapore): Caspase 3-dependent lysosome biogenesis: a new pathway involved in the inhibition of redox-induced tumorigenesis.

10:30-10:45                Katharina Belz (Germany): Smac mimetics enhance glucocorticoid-induced cell deathin glucocorticoidresistantpediatricacute lymphoblastic leukemia

10:45-11:00                Rodrigo Ureshino Portes (Brazil) P53 inhibition modulates differentially Ca2+ signaling and striatal viability in young and aged striatum upon UV and excitotoxic insults. 

11.00-11:30                 Coffee Break

Metabolism and cell death  Scientific Sessions (Plenary room)

Chair: Ray Birge (USA)

11:30-12:00                Cristina Muñoz-Pinedo (Spain): Cell death by inhibition of glucose metabolism

12:00-12:30                Shazib Pervaiz (Singapore): There is more to Statins than cholesterol 

12:30-1:00                  Spencer Gibson (UK): When survival turns to death, understanding the regulation of reactive oxygen species in autophagy and apoptosis

1:00-1:15                    Sergio Lavandero (Chile): Role of mitochondrial dynamics in life and death of cardiomyocyte

1:15-1:30                    Nadezhda Mironova (Russia): Different mechanisms of tumoricidal action of pancreatic RNase a and microbial ribonuclease binase: alteration of miRNA profiles vs apoptosis induction

1:30-3:00                    Lunch and Poster viewing (Salon Real I-II)

Proteases and more in cell death: Scientific Sessions (Plenary room)

Chair: Katharina d’Herde (Belgium)

3.00-3:30                     Domagoj Vucic (USA): Ubiquitination regulates the activation of cell death pathways

3:30-4:00                    Ingrid E. Wertz (USA) Ubiquitin Editing by A20: Molecular Mechanisms and Physiological Significance

4:00-4:30                    Howard Fearnhead (Ireland): Collateral sensitivity and cell death

4:30-5:00                    Coffee Break

5:00-5:15                    Jan Kovar (Czech Republic): Caspase-2 plays a key role in cell death induction by taxanes in cancer cells

5:15-5:30                    José A. Sánchez-Alcázar(Spain):Apoptotic microtubules delimits an active caspase free area in the cellular cortex during the execution phase of apoptosis.

5:30-6:00                    Laszlo Fesus (Hungary): Neutrophil Extracellular Trap structure is stabilized by coagulation FXIIIa catalyzed formation of intermolecular protein crosslinks

6:00- 6:30                   Boris Zhivotovsky (Sweden) Contribution of caspase-2 for cleavage of substrates during cell death

6:30-8:00                    WORKSHOP ON BUILDING A CAREER IN SCIENCE: Panel Discussion on Tactics for Junior Scientists and Women.

9:00                             Dinner (Buffet Restaurant Doña Lola*)

Saturday July 8 th 9:00am – 9:00 PM

Cell Stress and Cell Death :  Scientific Sessions (Plenary room)

Chair: Boris Zhivotovsky (Sweden)

9:00-9:30am               Ana Maria Cuervo (USA): Selective autophagy in the cellular response to stress

9:30-10:00am             Nika Danial (USA): Integration of mitochondrial fuel utilization pathways and cellular stress responses

10:00-10:30am           Angel F Lopez (Australia): Modulating the apoptotic cliff in cancer

10:30-10:45                Eva Szegezdi (Ireland): Resistance to TRAIL in non-transformed cells is due to multiple redundant pathways

10:45-11:00                Lorrie A. Kirshenbaum: Novel Alternative Splicing of Death Gene Bnip3 Promotes Cell Survival

11.00-11:30                 Coffee Break

New Directions in the use of Micro RNA: Scientific Sessions (Plenary room)

Chair: Marianne J. Cronje (South Africa)

11:30-12:00                Devrim Gozuacik (Turkey): microRNAs as novel regulators of autophagy

12:00-12:30                Roya Khosravi-Far (USA): miRNAs:  key regulators of cell death and survival

12:30-12:45                Alex Chenchik (USA): Pooled viability RNAi screens in xenograft mouse models

12:45-1:00                  Lester Davids (South Africa): Melanoma cell death after hypericin-mediated pdt is related to the pigmentary phenotype.

1:00-1:30                    Almudena Porras Gallo (Spain): Dual role of p38MAPK in cell death

1:30-3:00                    Lunch

New directions: Scientific Sessions (Plenary room)

Chair: Tom Cotter (Ireland)

3.00- 3:30                    Christoph Borner (Germany): The use of viruses and fungi to uncover novel apoptotic signaling pathways

3:30-3:45                    Timothy Sargeant (U.K): Stat3 co-ordinately augments and exploits the lysosomal system for programmed cell death in the regressing mammary gland

3:45-4:00                    Joanna Stanicka (Ireland): Ros driven genomic instability in acute Myeloid Leukaemia           

4:00-4:30                    Eli Arama (Israel): “A Time to Give Birth and a Time to Die”  How do Sperm Cells Utilize the Cell Suicide Machinery to Promote New Lives

4:30-5:00                    Luca Scorrano (Switzerland): The (mitochondrial) shape of death matters: lessons from animal models

5:00-5:300                  Coffee Break

Immunity and cell death  : Scientific Sessions (Plenary room)

Chair: Patrizia Agostinis (Belgium)

5:30-6:00                    Marie-Lise Gougeon (France): Innate sensing of viral infection and triggering of immunity

6:00-6:30                    Francesco Cecconi (Italy): The death/survival balance is regulated by autophagy genes in autoimmunity

6:30-7:00                    Nigel Waterhouse (Australia): The role of anti-apoptotic proteins in failure of immunotherapy for advanced stage prostate cancer

7:00:7:45                    Keynote speaker: Carlos Martinez-A,(Spain): Cell death in Stem cells

7:45-8:00                    Wrap up. Sten Orrenius (Sweden):

9:00                             Dinner (Gala Dinner)

Sunday June 9th  :                   Departure