China 2008 Program

Conference Program

The Seventh International Cell Death

Society Symposium on

Targeting cell death pathways for human diseases

Shanghai Mega City, China

June 6-9, 2008

Friday 6th June 2007

Welcome and Introduction

Session A. Introduction and Keynote Speaker

Chair: Zahra Zakeri: Queens College, U.S.A

2:00-2:15pm             Introduction and Welcome
Zahra Zakeri: Queens College, U.S.A

2:15-2:30pm             Presentation of Award to Dr. H. Robert Horvitz
                        Richard Lockshin: St. Johns University, U.S.A

2:30-3:00pm             Comments about Awarded Dr. H. Robert Horvitz
                        Junying Yuan: Harvard University, U.S.A

3:00-4:00pm             Genetic Control of Programmed Cell Death in C. elegans
H. Robert Horvitz: MIT, U.S.A

4:00-4:30pm             COFFEE BREAK 

Session B. Research and Development in China

Chair: Jiarui Wu: Shanghai Institutes for Biological Sciences, China

4:30-5:00pm             R & D in China - New adventure for Astrazeneca
Xiaolin Zhang: AstraZeneca Globla R&D, China

5:00-5:30pm             Cancer drug discovery in China - from target discovery to clinical PoC trials
En Li: Novartis Shanghai, China

5:30-5:45pm             Short Talk

5:45-6:00pm             Short Talk


7:00pm                      DINNER


Saturday 7th June 2008

Session I: Pathways: Apoptosis, necrosis, autophagy and more

Chair: Marie-Lise Gougeon: Institut Pasteur, France

9:00-9:30am             Molecular connections between different cell death pathways
Xiaodong Wang: Southwestern Medical Center, U.S.A

9:30-10:00am           Multiple mechanisms of cell death
                        Yoshihide Tsujimoto: Osaka University Medical School, Japan

10:00-10:15am         Short Talk

10:15-10:30am         Short Talk

10:30-11:00am         COFFEE BREAK 

Chair: Dengxi Zheng: Chinese Academy of Medical Science, Beijing, China

11:00-11:30am         System level analysis of programmed cell death: switching between different death modalities
Adi Kimchi: Weizmann Insitute of Science, Israel

11:30-12:00pm        Regulation of autophagy
Patrice Codogno: INSERM U756, France

12:00-12:15pm        Short Talk

12:15-12:30pm        Short Talk

12:30-1:30pm           LUNCH

Session II: Signaling in Cell Death

Chair: Simone Fulda: Heidelberg, Germany

2:00-2:30pm             Molecular mechanisms of cytotoxic lymphocyte mediated cell death
Nigel Waterhouse: Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre, Australia

2:30-:300pm             Death pathways mediated by the granules of NK/CTLs
Zu-Sheng Fan: Institute of Biophysics, CAS, China

3:00-3:15pm             Short Talk

3:15-3:30pm             Short Talk

3:30-4:00pm             COFFEE BREAK

Chair: Marianne Cronje: University of Johannesburg, South Africa

4:00-4:30pm             Death in the oocyte
Sally A. Kornbluth: Duke University Medical Center, U.S.A

4:30-5:00pm             Diversity of the roles of caspase activation during development
Miura, University of Tokyo, Japan

5:00-7:00pm             Poster Session I

7:00pm                      DINNER

Sunday 8th June 2008

Session III: Regulation of cell death I

Chair: Mauro Piacentini: University of Rome “Tor Vergata”, Italy

9:00-9:30am             New regulators of cell death activation in C. elegans
Chong-Lin Yang: Institute of Genetics and development, CAS, China

9:30-10:00am           Molecular regulation of mitochondrial dynamics
Quan Chen: Inst. Of Zoology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, China

10:00-10:15am         Short Talk

10:15-10:30am         Short Talk

10:30-11:00am         COFFEE BREAK


Session IV: Regulation of cell death II

Chair: Nader Maghsoudi: Shaheed Behesti Medical University, Iran

11:00-11:30am         Negative regulation of caspases
                        Herman Steller: Rockefeller University, U.S.A

11:30-12:00pm        Aspects of Bak regulation and conformation change
                        Ruth Kluck: The Walter & Eliza Hall Inst. Of Medical Research, Australia

12:00-12:30pm         New apoptotic complexes including mitochondrial AK2 and caspase-10 in cell death and tumors
Yong-Keun Jung:
Seoul National University, Korea

12:30-1:30pm           LUNCH

Chair: Shazib Pervaiz: Singapore

2:00-2:30pm             FoxO transcription factors in the regulation of blood
Saghi Ghaffari: Mount Sinai School of Medicine, U.S.A

2:30-3:00pm             TRPC channels and neuronal survival
Yi-Zheng Wang: Institute of Neuroscience, SIBS, CAS, China

3:00-3:15pm             Short Talk

3:15-3:30pm             Short Talk

3:30-4:00pm             COFFEE BREAK

Session V: Phagocytosis

Chair: Ray Birge: New Jersey Medical School, U.S.A

4:00-4:30pm             Engulfment of apoptotic cells
Shigekazu Nagata: Kyoto University, Japan

4:30-4:45pm             Short Talk

4:45-5:00pm             Short Talk

5:00- 7:00pm            Poster Session

7:00pm                      DINNER

Monday 9th June 2008

Session VI: Targeting cell death for therapeutics

Chair: Boris Zhivotovsky: Karolinska Insitut, Sweden

9:00-9:30am             p53 orthologue regulates metabolic enzyme in repairing DNA damage
Mian Wu: Chinese University of Science and Technology, China

9:30-10:00am           Modulation of apoptosis-associated gene products by Resveratrol: role in chemo-sensitization of myeloma and lymphoma tumor cells
Ali Jazirehi: Howard Hughes Medical Insitute, U.S.A

10:00-10:15am         Short Talk

10:15-10:30am         Short Talk

10:30-11:00am         COFFEE BREAK

Chair: Jean-Ehrland Ricci: Université de Nice, France          

11:00-11:30am         Mechanisms of cell death/survival in ischemic cardiac diseases
Sergio Lavandero: University of Chile, Chile

11:30-12:00pm        Effects of hypoxia on chemotherapeutic drug-induced apoptosis in different cancer cell lines
Carine Michiels: Facultés Universitaires Notre Dame de la Paix, Belgium

12:00-12:30pm        Targeting cell death pathways for human diseases
Silvia Soddu: Regina Elena Cancer Insitute, Italy

Session VII: Wrap-up

12:30-1:00pm           Perspective of the field and how this meeting fits in it
Guido Kroemer: INSERM, U848, Institut Gustave Roussy, France