South Africa Program 2009

Conference Program








The International Cell Death

Society Symposium on

“Cell Death in Infectious Diseases and Cancer”

Misty Hills Country Hotel, Muldersdrift, Johannesburg, South Africa

 June 5-June 8, 2009

Friday 5th June 2009

Registration Opens   9:00am


Session 1: Introduction & Awards

Chair: Zahra Zakeri: Queens College, U.S.A


2:00-2:15pm               Introduction

                                    Dr. Zahra Zakeri: Queens College, U.S.A.





3:30-3:45pm               Presenting Award to Dr Marie-Lise Gougeon            Richard Lockshin: St. Johns University, U.S.A           


3:45-4:30pm               Modulation of cell death: a key to HIV pathogenesis

                                    Marie-Lise Gougeon: Institut Pasteur, France


4:30-4:45pm               Presenting Award to Dr. Douglas Green


4:45-5:30pm              Dynamics of Mitochondrial Events in Apoptosis

                                    Doug Green: St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, U.S.A


7:00pm                       DINNER


Saturday 6th June 2008

Registration Opens   8:00am


Session 2: Viruses, immunity, and cell death

Chair: Ray Birge: New Jersey Medical School, U.S.A


9:00-9:30am               TRAIL expressing plasmacytoid dendritic cells: a new killer cell type in immunity

Jean-Philippe Herbeuval: Université Paris Descartes Hôpital Necker, France


9:30-10:00am             Cell Death in HIV

                                    Debra Meyer:University of Pretoria, South Africa  


10:00-10:15am           SHORT TALK


10:15-10:30am           SHORT TALK         


10:30-11:00am           COFFEE


Session 3: Viruses and cell death

Chair:Zodwa Dlamini: University of the Witwatersrand, South Africa

11:00-11:30am           Apoptosis in HIV

                                    Anil Chuturgoon: Faculty of Health Science, South Africa


11:30-11:45                SHORT TALK


12:00pm                     SHORT TALK


12:00-2:00pm             LUNCH


2:00- 2:30 pm             Mechanisms of pathogenesis of influenza virus

                                    Adolfo Garcia-Sastre: Mount Sinai School of Medicine, U.S.A


2:30-3:00pm               To kill or not to kill—a viral dilemma:

                                    Zahra Zakeri: Queens College CUNY 


3:00-3:15 pm              SHORT TALK


3:15-3:30 pm              SHORT TALK



3:30-4:00 pm              COFFEE BREAK



Session 4: Cell defenses and apoptotic machinery

Chair: Luis Benitez-Bribiesca, UNAM, Mexico City, Mexico


4:00-4:30pm                 Mcl-1, DUBs and Death

                                    Vishva Dixit: Genentech Inc., U.S.A

4:30-5:00pm               Hepatotoxic factor(s) of helicobacter pullorum modulate the cell cycle with ensuing mitotic catastrophe as a prestage to necrosis

Dr. Katharina D'Herde: University of Gent. Belgium




5:00pm- 7:00pm        POSTER SESSION


7:00pm                       DINNER



Sunday 7th June 2008

Registration Opens   8:00am


Session 5: Cell Death Pathways

Chair: Marianna Sikorska: National Research Council Canada, Canada


9:00-9:30am               Death-associated protein kinase family as an integrator of apoptosis and autophagy

                                    Devrim Gozuacik MD, PhD: SABANCI University, Turkey            



9:30-10:00am             Cell Death and the Inflammasome: Sensing Danger and Microbial Infection 

                                    Gabriel Nuñez: The University of Michigan Med School, U.S.A



10:00-10:15am           SHORT TALK         


10:15-10:30am           SHORT TALK


10:30-11:00am           COFFEE BREAK 



Session 6: Autophagy and alternative pathways

Chair: Anna-Mart Engelbrecht: Stellenbosch University, South Africa


11:00-11:30am           Alternative cell death pathways in human diseases 

                                    Junying Yuan: Harvard Medical School, U.S.A


11:30-12:00pm           ROS and stress signaling in cancer therapy: is autophagy good or bad?

Patrizia Agostinis: Catholic University of Leuven, Belgium


12:00-2:00pm             LUNCH



Session 7: Apoptosis pathways in aging and cancer

Chair: Roya Khosravi-Far: Harvard Medical School, U.S.A


2:00-2:30pm               Regulation of cell death and senescence by cancer genes

                                    Scott Lowe: Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory, U.S.A 


2:30-3:00pm               Biological function of DWNN protein during apoptosis

                                    Monde Ntwasa: University of the Witwatersrand, South Africa   


3:00-3:15pm               Exploiting apoptosis pathways in cancers: from molecules to clinical application

                                    Simone Fulda: University of Ulm, Germany


3:15-3:30pm               SHORT TALK


3:30-4:00pm               COFFEE BREAK


Session 8: Autophagy and other pathways in cancer

Chair: Simone Fulda: University of Ulm, Germany


4:00-4:30pm               Cell Death in Cancer; evaluation of novel anti-cancer drugs

                                    Mervin Meyer: University of the Western Cape, South Africa 


4:30-5:00pm                Role of Autophagy in Cancer and Therapy

Eileen White: The Cancer Institute of New Jersey Center for Advanced Biotechnology and Medicine, U.S.A


5:00pm-7:00pm         POSTER SESSION


7:00pm                       DINNER



Monday 8th June 2009

Registration Opens   8:00am


Session 9: Therapeutic challenges of cell death

Chair: Nader Maghsoudi: Shahid Behesti University of Medical Sciences, Iran


9:00-9:30am               Salicylic acid and Hsp70: partners for inducing apoptosis in breast cancer cells

                                    Marianne Cronje: University of Johannesburg, South Africa


9:30-10:00am             Evasion of Apoptosis: A mechanism for Tumorigenicity and a Challenge in therapy

                                    Roya Khosravi-Far: Harvard Medical School, U.S.A


10:00-10:15am           Title TBA----------

Gustavo Amarante-Mendes : University of São Paulo Brazil


10:15-10:30am           SHORT TALK


10:30-11:00am           COFFEE


11:00-11:30am           Cell Death in Breast Cancer

                                    Annie Joubert: University of Pretoria, South Africa  


11:30-11:45                Cell Death in Oesophageal Cancer

                                    Denver Hendricks: University of Cape Town, South Africa                         


11:45-12:00pm           Wrap-up: Ray Birge: New Jersey Medical School, U.S.A


End of Meeting