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Welcome Introduction and awards: 


Cell Death and Cancer Therapy

Mechanisms of Cell Death Mitochondria  

Mechanisms of Cell Death  

Cell Death and Stress 

ROS and Cell Death

Mechanisms of Cell Death and Host Defense

PARTIAL LIST OF SPEAKERS (Alphabetical order)

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Eli Arama (Israel): Move or Die: Linking caspases and cell migration and invasion in Drosophila

Frank-Dietmar Böhmer (Germany ) : Redox regulation of FLT3ITD signaling in cells of Acute Myeloid Leukemia

Rolf Brekken, (USA): blockade of phosphatidylserine and immune activation in cancer’

Marcos A. Carpio: (USA):  TBA

Tom Cotter ( Ireland): TBA

Marc Diederich, (Luxembourg ): Cardenolides trigger mitophagy, apoptosis or necroptsis in human neuroblastoma

Zvi Fishelson, (Israel): Activators and inhibitors of programmed necrotic cell death induced by the complement C5b-9 complex 

Simone Fulda, (Germany): Novel opportunities for exploiting programmed cell death pathways for cancer therapy

Adrienne Gorman, (Ireland):  TBA

Atan Gross (Israel): Importance of mitochondria metabolism for regulating the DNA damage response in hematopoietic stem cells

William Kaiser, (USA):  Death’s trap door: necroptosis in host defense

Sarit Larisch, (Israel): ARTS initiates apoptosis by regulating XIAP and Bcl-2 family members

Seamus Martin (Ireland): Cell Death: An Inflammatory Perspective'

Triona Ni Chonghaile, (Ireland): Determining Mitochondria's Distance to Death's Door

Erik Norberg, (Sweden): Profiling and Targeting of Tumor Metabolism

Helin Norberg, (Sweden): CMA, Metabolic catastrophe and Cell Death

Benedicte Py. (France): Regulation of the NLRP3 inflammasome by post-translational modifications

Hermann Steller  (USA): Regulation of apoptosis in development, stem cells and cancer

Alex Tonks (UK): The role of reactive oxygen species in acute myeloid leukaemia; cell death, proliferation and metabolism

Boris Zhivotovsky, (Sweden): miRNAs' role in sensitivity of lung adenocarcinoma to treatment


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Eli Arama (Israel)

Ray Birge (USA):

Dhyan Chandra (USA)

Jerry Chipuk  (USA)

Marianne Cronje (South Africa)

Devrim Gozuacik (Turkey):

Annie Jouber (South Africa): 

Samuel Katz (USA)

Zahra Zakeri (USA)


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